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Ready... Set... r.e.l.a.x.

√Keynote (60-75 mins)

√Breakout (60-75 mins)

√Workshop (2-2.5 hrs)
√ Half Day (3.5 hrs)

All stress is not created equal. The truth is, stress is good and bad. Stress can propel you to peak performance or it can drain your brain. It’s up to you. How do you foster positive stress? How do you diminish negative stress? How do you distinguish between the two?

In this interactive, lively and revealing program you will experience five stress-busting techniques guaranteed to help you R.E.L.A.X. Each letter lends new meaning to the positive and negative impact of your stress: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Activities and exercises will deepen your understanding and shine a light on how you can harness the best of stress and tame the rest.

laugh, for the health of it!

√ Keynote (60-75 mins)
√ Breakout (60-75 mins)

Session Description: Option A

Simple, cost-free and underused, healthy laughter is vital to a creative and productive work environment. What do you see when you scan the faces of your customers and coworkers?

• Enjoyment or irritation?

• Engagement or frustration?

What do you hear?

• Laughter or ridicule?

• Gratitude or grumbling?

If laughter and joy aren’t on your list, your organization may need a reminder that laughter is seriously good for business.

Time flies in this high energy, fast-paced and rousing experience. You will:

  • Inventory your fun factor.
  • Practice happiness fundamentals.
  • Identify mind/body benefits of laughter.

The fun starts here; the benefits linger.

Session Description: Option B

Are you serious about having fun? Need to lighten up? This session is for you. High energy, fast-paced fun, jam-packed with useful tips and techniques to help you develop your laugh response and handle challenging situations with a smile. You will:

• Inventory your fun factor.

• Practice happiness fundamentals.

• Identify mind/body benefits of laughter.

 are you happy now? Help Yourself to a Bigger Slice of Life

√ Workshop (2.5 hrs)
√ Half-Day (3.5 hrs) title

Quick. On a scale of one to ten–ten, being wildly happy, and one, being annoyed by the mere suggestion that anyone is happy about anything–how happy are you? If you had the ability–with very little personal investment–to improve your overall health and well-being, would you?

Research indicates that only 8-15 percent of your happiness is circumstantial; the remainder is learned behavior. This session will expand your personal awareness and provide you tools and techniques with which you can increase your overall happiness.

In this fun, fast-moving program you will:

  • Learn three stages of learned optimism
  • Experience brief activities to jumpstart health and well-being
  • Explore the Happiness Hierarchy

Health is more than just the absence of illness and well-being is more than just the absence of dis-ease. Use your learning to create a personal Happiness Hierarchy of pleasure, engagement, purpose and meaning that you can apply long after the session has ended.

laugh from your toes

Robin Getman CSP - Professional Speaker, speaker, trainer, humorist - Laugh from your toes. Lead from your soul. Serve from your heart.