• Nutritious, healthful refreshments such as energy producing fruits, nuts, bars and breads to help boost participant energy and attention.
  • Avoid, or limit, sweet, sugary pastries and treats.
  • Ice water in pitchers or urns.
  • Avoid bottled water unless recycling bins are available.
  • Hot water for tea (regular and herbal)
  • Coffee (regular and decaffeinated)

staging and room setup

  • House lights on full; bright lights on Robin; dim (not dark) lights on screen
  • Raised platform and/or raked seating (for 60 or more participants)
  • Participant seating as close as possible to Robin (first row of tables or chair set should be set within 2-3 feet of presentation area, seriously)

1st choice seating arrangement: Round tables

  • 5-8 seats per table, positioned in half- or semi-circle (every chair facing the presentation area)
  • Narrow (not wide) space between tables with just enough space for Robin to walk about the room, from table to table, when participants are seated

2nd choice seating arrangement: Classroom style  

  • Chevron or V-shaped rows (no straight rows)
  • Narrow center aisle 
  • On far right and left sides of the room, leave a wide enough space for participants to enter and exit the row from either side of the room, or by way of the narrow center aisle

3rd choice seating arrangement: Theater style


Whatever your seating arrangement, strive to create a sense of intimacy or community by selecting a room that provides only slightly more space than your anticipated attendance; the smaller the group, the smaller the room. Set the room for anticipated attendance, plus 10%. Remove all additional seating. Please, no more than 10% open chairs.


  • Pen or pencil for every participant
  • Pitcher of room temperature water (no ice) and drinking glass for presenter

audio visual equipment

  • Wireless, hands-free, lapel (lavalier) microphone, with fresh batteries
  • LCD projector placed atop a 6’-8’ draped table, in lieu of A/V cart, for props and notes 
  • Projector screen (the larger the audience, the larger the screen) positioned at left or right front corner(s) of the room (not center)
  • Fewer than 40 participants? Include easel, flip chart paper, and bold markers 

Note. Unless needed by other speakers, please remove from view: lectern, A/V cart, chairs and seating that exceeds 10% of anticipated attendance

planning checklist

The information below will help you create a positive learning experience for participants. Please take a moment to review Robin's A/V and staging requests and, talk with us about any challenges or concerns. Robin is flexible and will work with you to make the most of your program, whatever your room and A/V capabilities. 

general  information

If you're planning an event and want Robin to contact you, please complete the on-line inquiry form or,

Phone Robin directly at 612-789-7115.

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  • refreshments

downloads & printables

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