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Speaker Bio Buffet

Speaker Bio (for your use in printed materials to promote the event, excite interest and increase enrollment)

Welcome to Robin’s “Bio Buffet” – 21 options to mix and match when promoting Robin in print and on-line before your event.

First course:  Whet the reader’s appetite with one or two items from the following list.

  • “Funny, articulate & faster than a speeding bullet!” Robin ignites audiences to action with humor, energy and passion.
  •  Robin Getman did not graduate first in her class, has not written a best-selling book, and has not appeared on Oprah. What Robin has done is to help front-line service teams and emerging leaders create impact and influence with service that sells, communication that connects, and humor that helps.
  • A master trainer, storyteller and workplace humorist, Robin’s presentations are substantive, thought provoking and fun!
  • Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Uncommonly fun. Drawing on a broad background in dramatic and improvisational theatre (and five gut-wrenching performances as a standup comic), Robin Getman connects with audiences instantly. Be it one-on-one, one-on-fifty, or one-on-five hundred; there’s no telling what will happen next. Whatever comes, one thing is certain: both speaker and audience are interactive players in the drama, the spontaneity and the merriment.
  • Robin is a passionate, versatile presenter committed to making a lasting, positive difference in the workplace!

Second course: Prepare the reader for an enjoyable experience with one or two items from the following list.

  •  As a speaker, trainer and hospitality expert, Robin has been presenting seminars on laughter, soul and service to audiences all over North America for nearly two decades.
  • Clients include: hospitality, health care, arts, academic and governmental organizations.
  • Robin Getman is not Superwoman. She’s Everywoman.
  • Robin consistently tops her clients’ lists as one of their most popular and highly rated speakers on the topics of laughter, personal leadership and the spirit of service.
  • Robin skillfully demonstrates how to talk to customers and co-workers with purpose, passion and personality.
  •  Robin speaks frankly about workplace experiences that people can relate to.

Entrée course: Satisfy the reader’s hunger for something substantive with one or two items from the following list.

  • In 1989, Robin co-founded InterACT Group, Quality Service Specialists.
  • Robin has been interviewed on Canadian and American radio and featured in numerous publications.
  • Since 1989, Robin Getman has presented seminars on training, motivation, customer service and quality leadership to hospitality, health care, arts, government and academic industries all over North America.
  • As a manager of three of Minneapolis' most popular restaurants – Tejas, Leeann Chin, and Figlio – Robin earned a reputation for creating work environments that promote teamwork, service excellence, low employee turnover and high customer satisfaction.
  • She’s checked hats, cashiered, waited tables and managed three of Minnesota’s leading restaurants. She’s opened mail, processed applications, led campus tours and entered data. She’s ushered, sold concessions and worked ‘the stage’ for Elvis, Donny Osmond and nearly a dozen elephants. She’s sorted, filed, ‘manned the phones’ and checked ‘specs’ on paper bags for pig chow. She’s price-checked, pin-ticketed, inventoried and marked product for clearance.
  • She also co-founded a training company, wrote, produced and directed educational programs, created a mystery patient shopping program and taught two Minnesota governors’ staffs how to deliver exceptional guest service. She’s administered a $12 million operating budget and directed a department with approximately 600 full and part-time staff including managerial, supervisory, Teamsters, AFSCME and student employees.
  • Robin combines 15 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry with a broad background in theater, retail sales, special events coordination, university administration and five (gut-wrenching) performances as a stand-up comic.

Dessert course: Complete the reader’s experience with something enticing!

  • Drawing on a broad background in theatre (and five gut-wrenching performances as a stand-up comic), Robin helps people connect authentically, powerfully and positively.
  • Robin’s three-point hospitality challenge takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master: laugh from your toes… lead from your soul… serve from your heart…™
  • With humor, energy and passion, Robin ignites audiences to action making a positive, lasting difference in the workplace (and the world place).
Robin Getman CSP - Professional Speaker, speaker, trainer, humorist - Laugh from your toes. Lead from your soul. Serve from your heart.