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speaker introduction

Speaker Introduction (for your use to verbally introduce the speaker to the audience from the platform)

Before you begin crafting your speaker introduction, think about how you might answer the following four questions from the perspective of the participant:

  • Why us? (Say something about this group. Help participants feel good about themselves and their willingness to participate in today’s program.)
  • Why this program or topic? (What about this particular program feels most important or relevant to this group? What current events or challenges does this group face and how can this topic or program help?) •Why now? (What are your reasons for meeting and talking about this topic at this time?)
  • Why her? (What about this speaker makes her the right person for this group at this time to facilitate discussion and learning about this topic?)

For Laughter-related programs

[This program] is about leveraging laughter and lightness to create a more positive, motivating workplace.

For some of you, this program will be a welcome relief–in your experience laughter is key to creating connection and making “work” fun!

For others of you, this afternoon’s program may be a stretch–in your view if “work” was supposed to be “fun,” the [governing body, commission, agency, top decision-maker] would have [legislated, commissioned, mandated] it!

Today’s speaker believes both perspectives have merit. She’s been teaching and sharing laughter and fun to diverse audiences for nearly two decades and each experience confirms her belief–whatever your view, laughter is serious business!

So what do you say we get to work and have some fun… Your facilitator of fun is Robin Getman, president of InterACT Group. Drawing on a broad background in theatre–and five gut-wrenching performances as a stand-up comic–Robin helps people communicate authentically, powerfully, and positively. Her three-point hospitality challenge takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master: Laugh from your toes… Lead from your soul… Serve from your heart.

Please help me give a warm welcome to Robin Getman.

For Soul leadership-related programs

[This program] is about leveraging your personal power in the workplace – real power—the kind of inner power you develop after you think you know it all.

Imagine yourself, each day, on a continuum between powerless and powerful. The choices you make and the action you take are directly related to your place on the continuum.

In [this program/workshop], you will examine six stages of power and the ways in which you impact and influence the organization and other people at each stage of power.

Your guide on today’s journey is Robin Getman.

For Communication-related programs

Have you noticed… wherever you go these days, you see and hear people talking…

Cell phone users talk as they shop, walk and drive – barely acknowledging the people who shop, walk, and drive beside them. Friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers check caller ID, scroll handheld computers and exchange instant messages as they assure us they’re listening and urge us to “go on…”

We’re talking more and communicating less–we’re “linked,” “hooked,” “wired,” and longing for connection.

So, turn off your cell phones and tune into laughter as Robin Getman helps us revive the art of customer-focused communication and affirm the value of connection.

Robin has been teaching and training front-line service organizations the art of customer-centered service for nearly two decades.

Her three-point hospitality challenge takes a minute to learn and a life time to master: laugh from your toes, lead from your soul and serve from your heart.

Please help me welcome Robin Getman.

For Personal Presentation-related programs

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard a lot of presentations from the platform–some long, some short, some planned, some off-the-cuff, some wonderful, some not so wonderful.

You have a keen sense of what gets and holds people’s attention. You know–almost instantaneously–what works, what doesn’t, and why.

And yet, when you’re asked to give a brief presentation or report, some of you still want to run and hide!

Our speaker knows your dilemma. Robin says when she started out as a professional speaker in 1989, there was only one thing that scared her–the speaking!

Today, Robin Getman is consistently rated by conference attendees and in-house training participants as “one of the best!” Robin teaches three steps when moving from fearful to fearless. Each one takes a minute to learn and a life time to master: laugh from your toes, lead from your soul and serve from your heart.

Please help me welcome Robin Getman.

For various programs, humorous

Most professional speakers–especially for an important event such as this one–boast an impressive list of credentials and a long list of accomplishments. Not this speaker…

This speaker did not graduate first in her class… has not written a best-selling book… and has not appeared on Oprah.

This speaker is not Superwoman. She’s Everywoman.


  • Price-checked, pin-ticketed, inventoried and marked product for clearance
  • Checked hats, cashiered, waited tables and managed restaurants
  • Opened mail, processed applications, sorted, filed, “manned the phones” and checked “spec’s” for tri-ply paper bags for pig chow!

As a manager, Robin earned a reputation for creating workplace environments that promote teamwork, service excellence, low staff turnover and high customer satisfaction. Her programs on workplace humor, presentation skills and customer service are consistently some of the most popular and highly rated in the service industry.

Drawing on a broad background in theatre (and five gut-wrenching performances as a stand-up comic!), Robin helps people connect authentically, powerfully and positively.

Her three-point coaching model takes a minute to learn and a life time to master: laugh from your toes, lead from your soul and serve from your heart.

Please help me welcome Robin Getman.

For Robin’s return program

If you were at [previous event] in [year] at [location], you’re well acquainted with this speaker.

Robin Getman’s rare ability to layer laughter, learning and leadership left a lasting impression with [previous audience]. So much so that we wondered, “How can we bottle this and get it to [new audience]!”

​​[This program] is about…

Robin Getman CSP - Professional Speaker, speaker, trainer, humorist - Laugh from your toes. Lead from your soul. Serve from your heart.