With a broad background in dramatic and improvisational theater and stand-up comedy, Robin Getman connects with audiences instantly. Be it one-on-one, one-on-fifty one, or one-on-five hundred and one; there's no telling what will happen next. Whatever comes, one thing is certain: both speaker and audience are interactive players in the drama, the spontaneity and the merriment.

Robin works with organizations that want to create an environment where people look forward to coming to work each day and with people who want to enjoy what they do. She speaks frankly about workplace experiences that people can relate to. Unhappy coworkers? Difficult boss? Unbearable customers? Constant change? Robin's been there and she's done that–twenty times, for fifteen employers–before she realized, maybe the job wasn't the problem!

Robin has checked hats, cashiered, waited tables and managed three of the nation's leading restaurants. She's opened mail, processed applications, led campus tours and entered data. She's ushered, sold concessions and worked 'the stage' for Elvis, Donny Osmond and nearly a dozen elephants. She's sorted, filed, 'manned the phones' and checked 'spec's' on paper bags for pig chow. She's price-checked, pin-ticketed, inventoried and marked product for clearance.

You name it; Robin's probably done it.

Robin Getman is the positive, laughing difference your audience is wishing for.

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why robin

Want people to experience the best your organization has to offer? Want your customers to come back for more and tell others about their experience? Tired of coping with coworkers who may not share your vision?

Hospitality expert Robin Getman gets the job done. With more than two decades experience in training and management, Robin speaks frankly about workplace experiences people can relate to. Robin’s expertise is on the mark and immediately relevant in today’s work environment:

  • Service that soars 
  • Communication that connects
  • Laughter that enlivens

Your organization will handle even the most challenging situations with finesse and professionalism. Laugh and learn as Robin demonstrates how to relate to customers and coworkers with purpose, passion and personality.

Robin’s hallmark is her humor and broad experience: managing three of Minnesota’s favorite restaurants, teaching two Minnesota governors’ staffs how to deliver exceptional service, administering a $12 million budget with a staff of 600 supervisory and union employees, and delivering five fabulously funny (and gut-wrenching) performances as a standup comic.

Give your next meeting a swift kick in the can’ts. Entertaining, informative and inspirational with a gift for injecting humor to reinforce a powerful message, Robin thinks on her feet, delivering programs that are pertinent, memorable and uncommonly fun! 

Robin Getman CSP - Professional Speaker, speaker, trainer, humorist - Laugh from your toes. Lead from your soul. Serve from your heart.